The Place for Harrison Wildcat Choirs

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Concert March 1st

In an effort to conserve paper (saving money & trees), we are posting the concert reminder instead of printing them. Please note the call times for our concert this week.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Elem. tour & Late-Winter Concert

Tomorrow is the Show Choir Elementary Tour. Most of us will be meeting at 7am and leaving by 7:30am. Pack a lunch and wear your show shirt with jeans & tennis shoes. We will return to school by 3:30pm and you are all welcome to watch the Moorhead Jazzband perform once we return in the theater.

HHe has a rehearsal from 9am-4:30pm on Saturday too.

All choirs have a concert on Tuesday, March 1st (that is next Tuesday). I hope everyone has memorized their music- our rehearsals were stellar today & we want our concert to be just as good. This is a formal concert with your formal attire. Call time is 6:40pm in the back hallway & AC gym (the junior high will be in the AC music room). There are over 300 singers participating in this concert and we will have a short intermission.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Double H Thanks

Harrison Harmonics Show Choir members, alumni, parents & boosters:  you all are AMAZING!  Yesterday at Double H, I didn’t run into any individual signed up in our name who wasn’t prepared to step up, chip in and help us pull off this huge event.  Our students were friendly, personable, polite and highly capable!  They also found time to put on a great performance! The overwhelming sentiment from visiting directors and co-hosting Hamilton adults was how NICE and HELPFUL our kids were.  Hearing these words repeated by so many adults throughout the day is no accident.  Our students strive to earn this reputation.  But their results are both a product of their own individual hard work and the example set by every parent & booster adult working long hours to pitch-in and make our showcase special.  Thank you all!  You are indeed incredibly AMAZING!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Double H Day One

Awesome performance Harrison JVS in your big showing at Double H tonight! You did a great job & have grown so much this year. It was so very excited for us at the high school to watch the present and the future of Harrison Voices. 
Tomorrow is the high school's turn. Get some sleep everyone, it is going to be a long day in Hamilton on Saturday. We perform at 6pm. Come catch the show.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Double H

Double H starts TOMORROW NIGHT!!

Those of you riding the HS bus on Friday - we are leaving outside the music hallway door at 4pm sharp.
Everyone has their assignments for Friday & Saturday. If you have any questions- now is the time to ask.

Friday, February 12, 2016

HH evolution to Loveland Feb. 13th

HHe kids- tomorrow we head to Loveland. Thanks to Mya, Jake, Deborah, Arielle, Simon, Jake's mom, Mya's mom, Mr. Egan & Chris Milesky, we have sets for the show. See every evolution member, alternate & crew member on stage tomorrow at 7:30am. Your first outfit & anything that you need for homeroom preparations needs to be in your garment bag/duffle bag & ride the bus with you. Your second 'red' outfit needs to be in the wardrobes (on the correct side). We only have 30 minutes to load everything (instruments, wardrobes & sets) onto the truck or we will be cutting into the girls' homeroom prep time. We hit the stage at 11:30am. See you there!!